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Stormbringer Dreamcatchers

Order Information

The Spirit Art
Order Information

Send us an email with thoughts of what  your custom "Stormbringer Dreamcatcher" could be, and, through the Great Spirit,  we'll create a functioning  piece of "Spirit Art"  that will be handmade, specificly for you...
Stormbringer  Dreamcatchers start at $4.50 per inch for the base dreamcatcher, for example, a 4" dreamcatcher would start at $18, an $8" starts at $36, shipping/handling...... additional costs will apply to gems, quartz crystals, and, hard to find materials...  

If you have any  questions comcerning a particular dreamcatcher, or, ideas you'd like to see built into your special dreamcatcher ....feel free to email inquirys to  Stormbringer at

May your Dreams be of Love, in Balance with Peace, and, Harmony...