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Stormbringer Dreamcatchers

The Spirit Art

The Spirit Art
Order Information

I'm currently creating dreamcatchers by appointment only, as the holidays come around, I'll be creating a limited number of custom dreamcatchers for immediate sale, otherwise, your custom Stormbringer Dreamcatcher will take at least a week to design & create !
Thanks for stopping by!

Below is an example of a custom dreamcatcher  spun  onto an antler, with pheasant feathers, rabbit pelt, and, Colorado Aquamarine incorporated into the design, along with the bead work...
This one was designed as a table piece, some antlers prefer to be hung from a wall, making a beautiful display...
These "Antler Webs" are popular amongst the bowhunters!  




Below is black/red "Infinity Web" with a faceted piece of red Jasper,  and, spiraled feather, these custom dreamcatchers are designed to be hung from the ceiling, and, allowed to pick up universal energies that  influence us all...these dreamcatchers have been known to  suddenly "spin" within still air...the web is designed to form the infinity symbol in the center of of this piece of Spirit Art...
The inspiration for the "Inifinity Web" dreamcatcher is found  through the Great Spirit in   Psalms  147:4-5...KJV


4" Dreamcatcher, Gold/Cobalt Blue suede leather lace  wrapped ring W/Quartz Crystal, this dreamcatcher is 7.5" Wide x 14" Long...


8" Black/Blue leather lace wrapped ring W/Amethyst Crystal, and, Quartz Crystal within the web.
This dreamcatcher is apprx 11"Wide x 22"Long.


12"/4" Cobalt Blue  leather lace wrapped  rings, this dreamcatcher W/Sand Dollar, and, 4 tiny starfish  is 14"Wide x 32"Long.






May your Dreams be of Love, in Balance with Peace, and, Harmony...