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Was written thru Stormbringers pen back in '95, as the"Great" Spirit "Quickened the Spirit", exactly as it came through, is how it was scribed...
The Art of creating custom Dreamcatchers came shortly thereafter, as the Spirit grew within....
Stormbringer, "Infinity Web" Dreamcatchers are valued at $70, but, are free for the asking...the only request being, afterwards, provided your new Spirit Art meets approval, please offer a gift card, in any dollar amount, from local Denver retailers that provide services in Retail goods, or, Services, of coarse, actual cash always finds a use, as well...
 Thanks for the concideration,
These are a few of the custom Dreamcatchers created for family, friends, and, clients...
If you've "seen" that special dreamcatcher in your dreams...all it requires to become reality is contacting "Stormbringer", at with the design your piece of art gets comfortable within the realm you display it, you may be quite taken by the fact that Stormbringer Dreamcatchers are truly "Spirit Art" derived thru inspiration directly from the Great've heard of "Living Water", these dreamcatchers are, in reality, "Living Spirit Art"...
Especially "active" Dreamcatchers would be the "Infinity Web" models that are  anchored from above, or, in other words...the the ceiling!
The inspiration for this custom design comes from the KJV Olde Testament;
Psalms 147:4-5
4-He telleth the number of the stars,
He calleth them all by thier name;
5- Great is our Lord, and, of Great power,
his understanding is Infinite
The Infinity Web model is based in the number "7"...(7th Trump)
the 4 sides of the dreamcatcher represents "Earth",
on each of the 4 corners are 7 points of the web, lets do some math...7x4=28, the web itself is 7 layers deep...28x7=196, now convert the total to a single digit...1+9+6=16
1+6=7...what's the entire concept this dreamcatcher is created to represent?
These "Infinity Web" Dreamcatchers represent a Physical Representation, of a yet, still future....Spiritual Moment in time, ForeTold of by the Prophets of Olde....
At the 7th Trump, when the Great Spirit returns, planet Earth will experience  "Spiritual Completion" Evil Rudiments, (18 leather Lace "fringe"), fall away from all rightous ones, all that have the Eyes to see the LIGHT OF CHRIST as the 3rd Earth Age begins...
And finally, the Infinity Web Dreamcatchers form the Infinity symbol within the web, see the model directly below for a good example!


The Dreamcatcher below was just finished July 25 '10, the first time...out of the hundreds created, that I've ever put an all black web on a dreamcatcher...
Along with the black/silver fur, there are 3 steel beads, all complimented by the black grouse feathers...this dreamcatcher is built with a 10" ring wrapped with black suede lace, and, a 4" black suede ring in the center...overall dimensions are approx. 13" wide x 28" top to bottom...Prices Start at $75 for these models.












The Dreamcatchers below were actually created many years ago, unfortunatly, Orrs Trading Post has closed it's doors, therefore...I no longer have access to much of the unique items within the dreamcatchers, such as the Mink Skull, for example...
Keep this in mind when viewing these designs...while I may yet, still be able to hunt down some of the rare/hard to find items...the costs involved to create the final product will make these designs very cost prohibitive to create...However, if you have the money...!
I have created Agate face time pieces, same basic designs as below, with a clock face in the center of the dreamcatchers Agate rock piece, and, I've got access to Quartz Crystals/Mineral items, along with natural Pheasant/Wild Turkey feathers...







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